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Why Should You Become an Affiliate?

Versatile and Easy

Are you looking to make a side income? Do you want to receive cash back on even your own travel? As a CBJ Adventures Affiliate you will be able to earn commission on every accommodations sale initiated using your unique affiliate link!

Less Restrictions

You have freedom to choose who you advertise to, where you advertise, and when you advertise. We don't limit your earnings. As long as you adhere to our Terms, including the use of appropriate (non-spamming) tactics, we won't interfere.

High Commissions

Commission payments are issued once per month for any referral sales completed during the prior month. The minimum payout is $50.00. Commission payment will be equal to 15% of net sales referred by your unique affiliate link.

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Up-to-Date Stats Available 24/7

Your Affiliate Dashboard can be accessed anytime by either clicking the "Affiliate Log-In" link in the footer of the CBJ Adventures website (located at or by clicking the "Log-In Now" button below.

Information is best displayed via a full-featured browser. However, site is compatible with all mobile browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your cookies last?

CBJ Adventure's Affiliate cookies are set to a duration of 30 days, so you will get credit for your referrals for up to one month from the original referral click.

I don't live in the U.S., am I eligible to earn commissions?

Fortunately, the CBJ Adventures Affiliate Program is not limited to persons who currently reside within the United States and its territories. All are welcome.

Will I still earn a commission if I refer myself?

Affiliates ARE eligible to earn commissions via their own affiliate link, however affiliates are NOT eligible to benefit from promotions that require the use of a coupon/promo code.

How long does it take to be approved?

All submitted applications are reviewed within 2 business days of submission. A response will be provided within this timeframe.

How often are payments issued?

Earnings are issued once per month and only if the affiliate has met or exceeded the $50 earnings threshold. Payments are issued via PayPal.

How much should I expect to make per referred sale?

Our affiliate commissions are among the highest in the industry! Commissions earned through our affiliate program = 15% of the net sale on any accommodations purchase. Therefore, bookings for larger groups, longer stays, and larger suites result in higher commissions.